What we offer

Easy, fast and better business decisions!

Saiple is an AI-based decision support system that saves you enormous amounts of money, time and energy; gives you profound control and understanding of your business and helps you transform decisions into actions.

Attaining success with automation and AI

Our powerful, simple-to-use technology, includes automation and AI. It expands the manager's ability to make wise decisions and control autonomous data-driven actions.

Being ahead of the curve

Saiple guides managers in a dynamic ever-changing environment by exposing them to future predictions, helping them see what changes need to be made to ensure that targets are met all in real-time!

New age of control and efficiency

Saiple technology was developed with the goal of significantly improving the ability of managers to succeed by positioning the manager in the center, with a comprehensive and profound control.

All in one comprehensive technology

Saiple makes connections between different aspects of the business and enables the manager to see the bigger picture from all angles. The system develops seamlessly with the business while providing its needs at all stages and sizes.

Extraordinary collaboration

Saiple enables everyone in the business including external service providers to collaborate with each other. Everyone can see the data, wherever they are, in real-time. Managers can determine who sees what, to ensure maximum collaboration without compromising security.

Aii-in-One or One at a time - Your choice!

Your finance and operations are integrated with our strategic management system,
helping you to make the right decisions in time while sending you alerts and reminders.

There is a tremendous added value to gain when implementing our solution as a whole,
yet sometimes it easier to start small, according to your needs and abilities.
Saiple business suite can be easily adjusted to your evolving needs.

Focal Point
Focal Point

Your success is our success

When you choose Saiple you know you are in good hands because we are committed to your success.
We accumulated 30 years of business experience and a deep understanding
of manager’s needs and problems.

Saiple is a product of many years of technological research and development
that was aimed to bring something that can guarantee success.

Who can benefit?

Any industry

We offer solutions for businesses in a broad range of industries

Any role

Our solutions address the needs of senior management and are used by everyone in the organization

BIG size

We offer solutions for medium to big sized businesses and organizations

Current technology

Saiple compliments and communicates with other current accounting technologies and communication channels

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